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Division I – Any team may enter. All teams from departments of 300 or more uniformed personnel
must enter and are not allowed to combo with any other department. All combo teams from departments which total 100 or more must enter.Division II – Division III teams may enter. All teams from departments with uniformed personnel of 100 – 299 must enter. All comboteams from departments which total less than 100 must enter.Division III – Only teams from single department with less than 100 uniformed personnel.

Division IV – Teams consisting of members 39 years of age or older. Combination teams will be subject to review by the softball committee.

Senior Division, 50 and over.  Teams consisting of members 50 years of age and older. We will use Senior Softball USA rules.

For individuals interested in playing Softball, refer to the Player Pool information.

This year after pool play we will take the top 3 teams in each pool in each division and they will play a double elimination tournament in their division. The 4th and 5th place teams from all 3 divisions will be placed in a combined double elimination tournament.


Division 1 pools will send their top 3 teams to the division 1 tournament, the division 2 pools will send their top 3 teams to the division 2 tournament, the division 3 pools will send their top 3 teams to the division 3 tournament. All of the 4th and 5th place teams from all of the divisions will then be combined in another double elimination tournament.
This will give us 4 medal tournaments for the open divisions.

The 39+ division will not have any changes.

20 player maximum roster

USSSA. Courtesy runner.
Bats will be provided by CFAA and are the only bats allowed for tournament play




Tuesday, June 27th – Thursday, June 29th









Each competitor MUST check-in individually for the Olympics at the HOST HOTEL

Competitors must bring Fire Department I.D. to check-in and will be issued an Olympic I.D. card








Mike Pera








$475.00 Team Fee
Plus $40 per participant Olympic Registration Fee


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